Click CEM - Lebanon
09 Jun 2023
17:29 GMT

About us

CLICK  CEM SARL  is incorporated in LEBANON  through the expertise of CLICK CEM  Electrical and Mechanical Contracting established in Dubai 2006.

Through its past activities in the Gulf region, the company acquired substantial technical & financial values to undertake projects of large magnitudes in the building electrical and mechanical fields and to extend its activities to other sectors, namely the industrial sector.

CLICK CEM SARL is managed by its founders a Mechanical and an Electrical Engineers with wide Electro-Mechanical Experience in  Lebanon & The Gulf Region.
In addition, the management is supported by a well structured team of qualified and experienced Engineers, Supervisors, Foremen and Technicians, with substantial experience in the mechanical and electrical contracting field.

In order to achieve the highest quality, performance and time efficiency, the activities are closely monitored and tightly controlled by the Management whose primary objective is to deliver quality services in a timely manner.

CLICK CEM SARL mission is to "Deliver the highest quality of workmanship and engineering to its clients in a timely manner and through a well organized management of its operations".